Lodge Pro-Logic P10D3 Forged Iron Dutch Oven, Black, 4-Quart



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Lodge Pro-Logic Dutch Oven

Lodge Pro-Logic Dutch Oven

Easy Distribution, Retention, and Cooking Flexibility

Firm’s coming …your Pro-Logic Dutch Oven will prepare dinner and serve your loved ones most loved handsomely. Cover involved.

Wonderfully created solid iron cookware that will compliment any kitchen. Pro-Logic skillets are created with sloped sides, and loop handles that make handling them simple.

The Lodge Forged Iron Dutch Oven is a multi-purposeful cookware that functions miracles with sluggish-cooking recipes. It arrives with a tight-fitting lid that helps lock in diet and flavor. This pre-seasoned Dutch Oven functions like a appeal suitable out of the box. Manufactured of solid iron, this Dutch Oven evenly distributes heat from the bottom as a result of the sidewalls. Also, it retains heat greater so your mouth watering food stays heat for a long time. Sporting a classy black color, the solid iron Dutch Oven appears to be like good in most kitchens and it doubles up as an outstanding source of dietary iron. It characteristics loop handles for effortless handling and the oven is simple to clean up and sustain.

A uncomplicated Forged-Iron Dutch Oven, like the just one your grandmother used, continue to ranks as just one of the best cooking utensils ever created. It gives you a approximately non-stick area, with no the attainable damaging fumes produced by preheating chemically handled nonstick cookware.

Several of the parts of solid iron cookware created in the Lodge Foundry above a century ago continue to be in use today.


  • Manufactured of solid iron
  • Pre-seasoned and completely ready to use
  • Multi-purposeful cookware
  • Digital Non-stick area
  • Is effective with induction stove tops
  • Brutally tough for decades of cooking
  • Easy to clean up: hand clean, dry, rub with cooking oil.
Lodge Pro-Logic Dutch Oven

Even, Gentle Heating

In depth Highlights:

Multi-Useful Cookware

The suitable tool for searing, sauteing, simmering, braising, baking, roasting, and frying.

Manufactured of Forged-Iron

Forged-Iron is a kind of cookware formulated above a millennia ago stays as popular today as when it was used to prepare foods hundreds of a long time ago. Forged Iron is just one of only two metals compatible with induction stovetops. Unparalleled in heat retention and even heating.

Can Be Employed With A Variety of Warmth Sources

At home in the oven, on the stove, on the grill or above the campfire. Skillet may be used on a variety of heat sources like fuel, electrical, induction and ceramic-glass best stoves and ovens. When employing on glass stove tops, be cautious not to slide the cookware around as it’s attainable to scratch the area. Seasoned solid iron can also be used on the grill or outdoor fire and coals for camp cooking. Get started heating cookware on lower and bit by bit bring heat up to medium or medium/higher. Often clear away cookware from the stovetop immediately after cooking.


Seasoned for a pure, simple-launch complete that improves with use.

Seasoning is a required phase in employing solid iron cookware. Oil is baked into the pores of the iron at the foundry to avert rusting and to eventually supply a pure, non-stick cooking area. In contrast to synthetically coated cookware, it is attainable to restore the cooking area of solid iron.

Lodge takes advantage of a proprietary soy-dependent vegetable oil to season our cookware. The oil includes no animal body fat or peanut oil. The seasoning is purposeful application and slight inconsistencies may appear in the seasoning complete. The inconsistencies will not influence cooking general performance.

Easy to Treatment for

Hand clean, dry, rub with cooking oil. It is quite significant to replenish the seasoning of your solid iron cookware by applying a thin layer of oil immediately after every single cleaning. Seasoning is an on-heading course of action. The a lot more you use solid iron, the seasoning is enhanced.

Utilizing Your Lodge Forged Iron

Rinse with warm water (do not use cleaning soap), and dry thoroughly.

Ahead of cooking, apply vegetable oil to the cooking area of your pan and pre-heat the pan bit by bit (always get started on lower heat, rising the temperature bit by bit).

After the utensil is properly pre-heated, you are completely ready to prepare dinner.

Tip: Avoid cooking quite chilly meals in the pan, as this can market sticking.

You should Don’t forget: Handles will become quite warm in the oven, and on the stovetop. Often use an oven mitt to avert burns when removing pans from oven or stovetop.

Treatment and Cleaning of your Lodge Forged Iron

Right after cooking, clean up utensil with a rigid nylon brush and warm water. Utilizing cleaning soap is not advised, and harsh detergents ought to hardly ever be used. (Avoid placing a warm utensil into chilly water. Thermal shock can arise leading to the steel to warp or crack).

If you are getting trouble removing trapped-on meals, boil some water in your pan for a few minutes to loosen residue, making it easier to clear away.

Towel dry promptly and apply a light coating of oil to the utensil even though it is continue to heat.

Tip: Do not let your solid iron air dry, as this can market rust.

Keep in a interesting, dry place. If you have a deal with, or lid, for your utensil, place a folded paper towel in concerning lid and utensil allowing for air to flow into. This stops dampness from collecting inside of the utensil, which can result in rust.

Tip: The oven is a excellent place to retailer your solid iron just bear in mind to clear away it prior to turning on the oven.

By no means clean in dishwasher.

If for some purpose your utensil develops a metallic odor or taste, or most likely rust spots (perhaps a effectively-indicating relative washed your utensil in the dishwasher or with cleaning soap considering they were being currently being beneficial), hardly ever dread. Simply scour off the rust employing a quite fine quality of sandpaper or steel wool and refer to our part on re-seasoning.

Re-Seasoning your Lodge Forged Iron

When maintaining the seasoning ought to maintain your Forged Iron in good problem, at some place you may require to repeat the seasoning course of action. If meals sticks to the area, or you discover a boring, grey color, repeat the seasoning course of action:

Clean the cookware with warm, soapy water and a rigid brush. (It is okay to use cleaning soap this time since you are preparing to re-season the cookware).

Rinse and dry totally. Use a thin, even coating of MELTED reliable vegetable shortening (or cooking oil of your option) to the cookware (inside of and out).

Spot aluminum foil on the bottom rack of the oven to capture any dripping.

Set oven temperature to 350 – four hundred degrees F.

Spot cookware upside down on the best rack of the oven.

Bake the cookware for at least just one hour. Right after the hour, change the oven off and let the cookware interesting in the oven.

Keep the cookware uncovered, in a dry place when cooled.

Why ought to I select Lodge cookware above other brands?

For above 112 a long time, Lodge has presented top quality solid iron cookware and extras, with a wide and progressive assortment. Our continued commitment to top quality permits Lodge to supply a remarkable item line.

How is the diameter measurement of Lodge Cookware established?

We measure from outside the house rim to outside the house rim across the best of the cookware, not the bottom.

What style utensils are advised to be used with Lodge items?

We endorse employing wooden or silicone utensils to stay away from scratching.

Why ought to cleaning soap or detergent not be used to clean up solid iron cookware?

Soap and detergent are used to split down and clear away oils. Considering that the seasoning of your solid iron consists of oil, cleaning with cleaning soap will strip or clear away the seasoning from cookware.

Are there any sorts of meals that are not advised to be cooked in solid iron cookware?

Food items which are quite acidic (i.e. beans, tomatoes, citrus juices, etcetera.) ought to not be cooked in a solid iron utensil till the cookware is remarkably seasoned. The higher acidity of these foods will strip the seasoning and result in discoloration and metallic tasting meals. Wait around till solid iron is greater seasoned to prepare dinner these sorts of foods.

Lodge is a Environmentally friendly Foundry:

Lodge is a zero hazardous squander stream foundry. Lodge created a vegetable oil recycler for the seasoning course of action to lower squander and unusable oil is recycled and used as biodiesel generator. Lodge takes advantage of recycled and biodegradable packing components. Reuse of foundry sand used in the casting course of action is recycled and unusable sand, performing to purify the water of the area streams and planting trees to increase air top quality and beautification.

Lodge History:

Lodge is the oldest loved ones-owned cookware foundry in America. Considering that 1896, the Lodge loved ones has been casting top quality iron cookware at their Tennessee foundry. Starting off with raw components and ending with their seasoning course of action, they go on to increase on the optimum top quality expectations that go into each and every piece we make. As the sole American producer of solid iron cookware, they are proud to carry on the legacy started out by founder Joseph Lodge. Lodge would not just make solid iron they make heirlooms that bring men and women with each other for generations.

Pre-seasoned, completely ready to use
Outstanding heat retention and cooking general performance
Self basting lid
Easy grip loop handles
Fantastic Housekeeping 2003 Fantastic Invest in Award