Nesco 4818-25-20, 18-Quart Stainless Metal Roaster Oven




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18 Qt Stainless Steel Roaster Oven

Even, Energy-Successful Cooking

18 Quart Stainless Metal Roaster Oven

Because 1932 the Nesco brand name title has been synonymous with Roaster Ovens. With a Nesco Roaster Oven you can roast, bake, prepare dinner, steam, gradual prepare dinner and provide. Other than broiling, the Nesco Roaster Oven can do just about anything a standard oven can do but superior and with less electrical power utilization and less warmth created in the kitchen. The Roaster Oven is moveable so you can make good tasting meals where ever you go. The special “Circle of Warmth” heating aspect wraps about for moist, even cooking. The automatic temperature regulate maintains even cooking temperatures from 200 levels to 450 levels. Removable steel rack has quick carry out handles for harmless, quick insertion and removing of very hot foodstuff.

The stainless steel cookwell is specially built for the demands of business foodstuff preparing and volume cooking. The Cookwell is also popular for property cooking, among people who recognize the visual appearance and toughness of stainless steel.

18 Qt Stainless Steel Cookwell

Easy to Clean up Removable Cookwell


  • Keep amazing handles
  • Stainless-steel exterior
  • Chrome-plated cooking/baking rack
  • Stainless steel cookwell

Thorough Highlights:

1425 Watts of Electricity: Can do almost everything a standard oven does, besides broil.

Adjustable Full Variety Temperature Regulate to 450 levels: Roasts, bakes, steams, gradual cooks, and warms. Computerized temperature regulate maintains even cooking temperatures.

Removable Cookwell: Stainless Metal cookwell that is dishwasher harmless for quick thoroughly clean-up.

Removable Metal Rack: Built for superior baking and fats-free roasting.

Circle of Warmth: Patented Circle of Warmth heating aspect cooks from the side for moist, evening cooking.

Cookwell: Easy to thoroughly clean stainless steel.

Meals Planning and Quantity Cooking: Provides very long-long lasting, business-degree general performance.

Ideal For: Rooster, roasts, lasagna, rice, vegetable, soup, chili and stew.

Watts/Volts/Hz: 1425/a hundred and twenty/60

Circle of Heat Technology

Foodstuff Cooked from the Side, Not the Bottom

Why Use A Roaster Oven?

A roaster can be utilized for undertaking all cooking and baking features and it is simpler to thoroughly clean than your standard oven.

It can be a moveable primary cooking equipment at some situations and a valued supplementary equipment at other situations.

Use it on very hot days alternatively of your big oven to preserve your kitchen cooler.

Roasters gradual prepare dinner just like a gradual cooker, but do so considerably much more. Roasters have superior building than gradual cookers. Roasters have superior thermostats than a gradual cooker to accommodate the bigger temperatures essential for roasting and baking.

The removable prepare dinner wells of roasters can be saved in the fridge and washed in the dishwasher.

Roaster ovens help the current craze of comfort and ease foodstuff, saving income on more cost-effective cuts of meat, making ready soups, stew, chili and casseroles at property for the spouse and children. There is improved interest in ingesting spouse and children meals jointly and ingesting more healthy. Our getting old population is also fascinated in generating more healthy meals.

Rectangular form and squared off corners make it roomy sufficient for baking and for all of your favorite recipes.

Use these each day roaster ovens to preserve foodstuff these types of as baked beans, German potato salad, vegetables, appetizers and dips at serving temperature.

The useful rack can be lined with aluminum foil and can be utilized as a mini baking sheet.

18 Qt Stainless Steel Roaster Oven

Computerized Temperature Regulate

Curing Your Roaster just before Use

Ahead of Applying the Roaster

Unpack your NESCO Roaster Oven totally Removing ALL PACKAGING Material AND Facts LABELS.

Get rid of Lid (address), Rack, and Cookwell, (from heatwell) wash them and established aside.

Spot Roaster Oven (Heatwell only) in a very well-ventilated region. Make guaranteed temperature knob is established at the most affordable achievable location/off.

Plug in Heatwell twine to a a hundred and twenty volt AC outlet. Turn temperature knob to optimum location and remedy Roaster Oven vacant for 60 minutes (or extended) until finally any odor or wisps of smoke disappear. Some smoke and odor are a standard part of “curing” the aspect and will not reoccur in cooking use. When curing is accomplished, turn temperature regulate to most affordable location/off, unplug unit from outlet and let cooling. After your unit has cooled, set Cookwell, Lid, and Rack again in and it is ready to use.

Do not prepare dinner foodstuff with out Cookwell in location.

Adjustable complete-array temperature regulate up to 450 levels
Removable stainless steel cookwell for quick thoroughly clean-up
Holds up to a 22 lb Turkey, Roast or Ham
Chrome plated cooking/baking rack
Complete unit is quick to take care of and quick to retail outlet