OXO Very good Grips Vintage Tea Kettle, Brushed Stainless




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Make tea in design and style with the OXO Vintage Kettle, a classic-formed whistling tea Kettle. The Kettle attributes silicone contact details on the spout cap and take care of to help resist heat. Flip the spout cap down to protect the spout and listen for the Kettle to whistle when drinking water is boiling. Then flip the spout cap again to expose a specific spout that will not drip even though pouring. Convert the take care of down to get it out of the way when filling the Kettle or for storage. A massive lid opening will make filling and cleansing more convenient. seamless, large-grade stainless metal guards versus rust.Large-grade stainless metal design guards versus rust
Big lid opening for convenient filling and cleansing
Loud whistle signals when drinking water is completely ready
Manage rotates out of the way for filling, pouring or storing
Silicone contact details on spout and take care of resist heat
Not induction appropriate